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Entering and Expanding

Global Business Opportunities

September 25-26, 2014

Westin Hotel

Alexandria, VA

Speaker Guidelines

MAPPS is the host of the Geospatial & Engineering International Conference: Entering and Expanding Global Business Opportunities (the Conference). MAPPS continually strives to maintain the high quality of its conference programs. The following guidelines are provided to speakers at the Conference on behalf of MAPPS to assure the most effective presentations, the greatest benefits to both the speakers and the audience, and to enhance the efficiency and quality of the conference.

Cancellation – The Speaker acknowledges that his/her session may have been the deciding factor for an attendee to register for this conference. Speaker agrees that only circumstance beyond his/her control will cause him/her to cancel his/her participation. In the event of the Speaker’s cancellation, the Speaker agrees to provide a substitute Speaker of equal knowledge, stature and expertise, subject to MAPPS approval, to present the same topic.

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