S.B. 1466 Technology Infrastructure Investment Act
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Bill Information 0 Nick Palatiello S.B. 1446 An Act - Transferring funds from the Oil and Gas Lease Fund to the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority Fund for investments in Pennsylvania-related companies that  development of next-generation infrastructure technologies or technology related investments to support development of life science, information technology or green energy industries. "Next-generation infrastructure technology." Technologies applicable to directly improving the characteristics, longevity and performance of infrastructure and those that help monitor,detect, inspect and evaluate the state of infrastructure. The term shall include technologies relating to:(1) Traffic monitoring and flow control technologies.(2) Sensors, including load, stress, acceleration,displacement and vibration detection and monitoring sensors, crack detection and monitoring sensors and seismic sensors.(3) Waste water and hazardous waste treatment technologies, including nanotechnologies.(4) Robotics.(5) Three dimensional imaging, laser scanning,ultrasonic testing, infrared detection and sensor systems.(6) Tracking technologies.(7) Geospatial information technologies.(8) Power grid monitoring software and hardware.(9) Security applications.(10) Other projects approved by the Ben Franklin Technology Partners.  
by Nick Palatiello
Thursday, March 22, 2012