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Ever heard Mark Twain’s comment about the weather? “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it." The same could be said for parcel data. After the mortgage crisis, the Fed. government hosted a land parcel data stakeholder meeting in 2009. The only major outcome of that meeting was action by MAPPS. We successfully lobbied for language in the Dodd-Frank financial services reform bill to add a parcel data collection authorization provision to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. In discussions with Fed. agency partners, MAPPS Pres. Susan Marlow, Government Affairs Manager John “JB” Byrd & I believe we have the government’s attention again. Action is needed to make a National Parcel System a reality. A plan to develop & implement such a parcel system is needed. Leadership from Federal agencies is essential. If you are concerned about parcel data, if these data are important to your firm, or you have expertise in this area, email
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Spatially Speaking
"Spatially Speaking" is the official MAPPS blog providing information on topics related to the association and profession and MAPPS involvement with the issues.
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