MAPPS Committees: Program

Committee Charge:


The MAPPS Program Committee is responsible for the identification of topics for our professional or technical panels, development and coordination of the educational sessions, and facilitating the needs of our volunteer speakers and their presentations for our MAPPS Summer and Winter Conferences.  The Program Committee performs all necessary outreach to the Board of Directors, Regular and Associate Members, educational institutions, government agencies, or private industry to solicit desirable ideas and relevant content for presentation and discussion at our MAPPS conferences. The foremost objective of the Program Committee is to accommodate, to the best of our abilities, the educational and networking needs of the membership, while ensuring all our conference attendees receive a valuable experience from their participation at our MAPPS conferences.


The Program Committee also leads the development, identification of instructors and presentation of the curriculum and sessions for our Emerging Leader educational program. The Emerging Leaders program encourages and helps our member firms in the progression of their next generation of business and technical leaders within geospatial solutions and professional services. We strive for diverse range of subjects for those students that are pertinent to our future business and while focusing on their development of skills and capabilities from textbook and often the experiential examples that are provided by senior leaders of our member firms.  The Emerging Leaders program is based on many interactions between students to help foster the development of long lasting inter-business relationships for the benefit of their careers and their companies. 

1-Forum Chair
Mike Tully