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Welcome to your online member community. Settle in and make yourself comfortable. Here, you can explore our group pages. Get to know one another. Contribute to the conversation. Share your expertise. Learn from others… and feel free to stay awhile.

  • Legislative Bank »

  • This group type provides a communication vehicle for members who want to discuss legislative issues important to the geospatial profession. It includes the issues presented to members of Congress and their staffs during the MAPPS Federal Programs Conference. All MAPPS member contacts are encouraged to join this group.
  • MAPPS Board of Directors »

  • MAPPS Committees »

  • Committees focus on issues affecting the membership or the association. Members are encouraged to participate and provide input on the topics presented by the committee.
  • MAPPS Forums »

  • Forums are communities within MAPPS that address issues affecting firms, their products and services, and markets. Forums not only meet at MAPPS conferences, but host occasional conference calls, organize webinars, and engage in communications using the features provided through the MAPPS web site outside of and during time period between MAPPS conferences.
  • MAPPS Liaison Committee »

  • MAPPS has had standing committees with agency parters since 2003. These Federal Agency Liaison committees allow for a dialog between the private sector and their government partners.
  • MAPPS Staff »

  • For MAPPS staff only
  • MAPPS Working Groups »

  • Working Groups are temporary panels, appointed by the President, that focus on short-term issues affecting the membership or the association. Members are encouraged to provide input on the topics presented by the working group.
  • Member Comment Forum »

  • Forum for MAPPS members to comment on issues or topics presented by the MAPPS Board of Directors
  • State Chapters »

  • MAPPS began forming state chapters in 2007. The state chapters of MAPPS focus on issues including government competition, workforce development and state geospatial coordination. Member firms in MAPPS state chapters are also members of MAPPS national.