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2018 MAPPS Board of Directors Nomination Announcement

Wednesday, April 25, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kristin Grove
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In accordance with MAPPS bylaws, the nomination and election process for the MAPPS Board of Directors is hereby initiated and announced.

As the MAPPS President I have appointed Mitch Long of GRW to Chair the 2018 Nominations Committee.  An announcement for additional volunteers to participate on the Nominations Committee will be sent shortly. This important committee will recommend the slate of candidates for election to the MAPPS Board of Directors.

The terms of the following Directors expire in July, 2018: Bob Hanson, Chris Ogier, Brian Raber.

Please note, Board positions are 2-year terms, and there are no term limits.

Summary of the Nominations Process

  1. President selects a Chair. 
  2. A call for individuals to serve on the Nominations Committee should be issued in mid-April to the membership with responses by the end of April.  The President and Chair selects the members of the Nominations Committee, and the President formally appoints the full committee.
  3. The full Nominations Committee, along with a call for Board Candidates, will be announced by mid-May. 
  4. Individuals who wish to be considered for election to the MAPPS Board can submit interest in writing to the Chairman no later than the end of May.
  5. The Nominations Committee next evaluates and ranks those who formally submitted letters of interest.
  6. The Nominations Committee will announce its recommended slate of candidates by the end of June. 
  7. The election of Directors will take place at the annual business meeting of MAPPS during the Summer Conference. 
  8. Any individual not nominated by the Nominations Committee can be considered by a nomination from the floor at that meeting, provided that notice is filed with President 2 weeks from the Summer Conference. 

When considering candidates, the Nominations Committee shall evaluate the following qualities in individuals for the MAPPS Board of Directors:

  • reflect and represent the broad range of member firms of MAPPS;
  • be senior executives in their firms (principals, owners or partners) with profit/loss and decision-making responsibilities;
  • has the management, resources and support of the firm to serve the entire Board term;
  • has the ability to attend required meetings and dedicate the time needed to fulfill the responsibilities of a Director;
  • be experienced in the geospatial field, and recognized and respected by their professional peers;
  • be of a range of firm sizes in the membership; the various professional service disciplines; all geographic areas of the United States; gender; age; race; and other characteristics so that the Board in total is reflective of the diversity of the membership;
  • has management, business and political acumen;
  • be active in MAPPS and demonstrate commitment to the association by active meeting participation (speaker, committee member, political advocacy, sponsorship, PAC, excellence awards, etc.), and be knowledgeable about the association; and,
  • be from a firm (or family of firms with common ownership relationships) that has not recently been represented on the MAPPS Board so as to spread among the member firms an equitable opportunity to participate on the Board.

MAPPS members who are interested in serving the association as a member of the Board of Directors should advise the Nominations Committee of their interest in writing, between May 4 and June 1, 2018.  Along with a statement of interest, prospective Board members should include the following information:

  • Candidate’s Name
  • Candidate’s Firm
  • Brief (not more than two (2) pages) biographical sketch of the candidate to include education, experience, registrations/certifications, past participation in MAPPS activities including positions, leadership, political activity, and a statement as to why he/she desires to be a member of the MAPPS Board of Directors.



The 2018 Board of Directors Nomination Schedule is hereby established:

  • April 13 – Announcement of call for Nominations Committee members by MAPPS President Brian Raber
  • April 27 – Deadline for individuals to volunteer to serve on Nominations Committee
  • May 4 – Announcement of Nominations Committee members by MAPPS President and call for candidates for MAPPS Board of Directors
  • May 31 – Close of submissions to Nominations Committee
  • June 29 – Nominations Committee slate announced (additional nominations may be made from the floor at the annual business meeting, if filed in advance)
  • July 11 – Deadline for notifying President Raber of a nomination from the floor
  • July 22-26 – Annual MAPPS Business Meeting and Election during the Summer Conference


Please contact Brian Raber at, or 720-320-4843 if you have any questions.