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Emerging Leaders Technical Project

Thursday, November 7, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Lisa Blair
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Dear Member,


We want to begin by thanking you for your membership in MAPPS. Your firm's support and participation in MAPPS are deeply appreciated. We are always ready to serve your interests and meet your needs as provided from MAPPS.


cratermm2.pngThe upcoming 2020 Winter Conference will be held beginning on January 19, 2020 to January 22, 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is important to plan your travel now to get the best available airfares. As of the date of this letter, airfares remain reasonable.


As you know we are enthusiastic about our MAPPS Emerging Leaders program. We intend to provide additional emerging leaders training sessions at the 2020 Winter Conference. The across-the-board positive assessment by our students in attendance at our 2019 Summer Emerging Leaders Program encourages our Board of Directors and Conference Committee. Great feedback was received, and comments indicate we are on the right track for delivering appropriate educational content, a constructive learning environment and promoting networking and relationshipdevelopment within our present group of emerging leaders. Keeping that learning momentum going with our training is vital to ensure your students' progression, as a group, through the entire MAPPS Emerging Leaders Program.

Knowing that Honolulu may be perceived as a "premier destination" and a hard choice for the time and expense away from your firm we are tweaking our emerging leaders' program while in Hawaii. We will provide deeper educational value, a networking and problem-solving opportunity, a product delivery task, and incorporate a technical project into the 2020 Winter Conference curriculum. By adding some serious technical education, we believe your firm and your emerging leader(s) will get a very high return on your investment for their time and travel while participating in the 2020 Winter Conference.

We are introducing a technical project within the Emerging Leaders sessions in Hawaii. Provided is the training plan:

  • Emerging leaders will continue to be provided with classroom instruction associated with our established curriculum. However, we are adding a technical project for which the students will participate as a group.
  • A member firm will be bringing one or more backpack LiDAR systems to Hawaii. Our students will receive accelerated-pace classroom lessons in the planning and execution of a pedestrian (backpack) mobile LiDAR collection project.
  • After initial course work, students will travel to a local site to collect and later post-process LiDAR data.
  • After the conference the Emerging Leaders will have some additional WebEx/Zoom Meetings for collaboration on producing a final product.
  • The final product and lessons learned will be presented during a session at the 2020 MAPPS Summer Meeting.
  • If successfully completed, the Emerging Leaders will then work on producing a submission for theMAPPS 2020 Excellence Awards within the small project category.

Coursework includes:

  • Introduction to the pedestrian LiDAR sensors, how they work, their capabilities and their ideal and impracticalenvironments.
  • Familiarization with Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) and how it works.
  • Examining some non-manufacturer produced sample datasets.
  • Learn how pedestrian mobile LiDARcan benefit a mapping workflow and where other methods of data collection may be preferred.
  • Experience planning and collecting a mission for pedestrian mobile LiDAR.
  • "Know before you go;" pre plan mission for satellite geometry, solar position, and necessity of controls.

Mission Location for Training Collection - Koko Head Crater:

  • The site has a unique trajectory of 1.4 miles with 1000' of elevation gain on the Koko Crater tuff cone. Students will hike up the trail to the top of the crater.kokotrail.png?r=1571949153149
    • Note: this is a strenuous hike walking uphill on top or adjacent to VERY OLD and DETERIORATING railcar ties. Gaps under ties can be a few inches to a foot or more due to erosion. Care must be taken at all time for potential falls. While this is a fun and memorable hike (views at the top are spectacular), it does involve strenuous effort and much care hiking both up and down the cinder cone.
    • Water or other non-alcoholic beverages should be taken on the hike for rehydration.
    • Appropriate attire is required (shorts, workout shirt, closed hiking or similar high tread/traction shoes, sunglasses, hat and sun protection are a must).
  • Complete a collection wearing the backpack and hands on use of the mobile data acquisition software
  • Post processing
  • Determination of best trajectory
  • Fused SLAM and multi-pass adjustments


  • We will have a presentation on the objectives of this training exercise during our regular sessions on Monday.
  • The collection mission at Koko Head will occur the afternoon of Monday. Post-processing of data will be conducted by students Monday and Tuesday evening, and performed around other conference activities.
  • Wednesday, students will present on the project experience and preliminary results of the project during a regular session.
  • Transportation arrangementsto/from Koko Head will be provided for the students.

We believe this is an opportunity to maximize the value of sending your Emerging Leaders to our 2020 Winter Conference. This sort of teamwork and collaboration at a unique and unforgettable venue will make our MAPPS program more meaningful for our students. They will surely have a career-long shared experience that promotes their working together in partnership for years to come. The value of sending your leaders of tomorrow to our 2020 Winter Conference is exponentially increasedand directly related to such technical learning. We are excited to offer this technical learning as part of our Emerging Leaders Program.


Please send your Emerging Leaders to the 2020 Winter Conference and contact us if you should have any questions.




Mark Brooks

MAPPS President

Bob Hanson

MAPPS President Elect, Conference Committee

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