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MAPPS 2020
Geospatial Products and Services Excellence Awards

The 14th annual MAPPS Geospatial Products and Services Awards will be presented to Regular and Associate Member firms whose entries exemplify the professionalism, value, integrity and achievement of the firm's staff as demonstrated over the previous year.

A distinguished and impartial panel of judges will evaluate the submitted projects from five categories:

  • Data Acquisition and Processing (includes Aerial Photogrammetry, Satellite, Radar, and Airborne, Bathymetric, and Mobile LiDAR)
  • Surveying/Field Data Collection (includes Terrestrial Scanning and Ground Penetrating Radar)
  • GIS/IT/Remote Sensing Analysis
  • Small Projects (cannot exceed $150,000 in professional services)
  • Technology Innovation/Licensed Data Products

The panel will review each submission and select a winner for each category.

An Excellence or Honor award will be given to firms that submit an entry. A Grand Award, "MAPPS Project of the Year" will be selected from the winners of all categories (A-E). 

What makes a good project? What returns and benefits can your firm gain by submitting a project? Click here for the Program Summary and Tips to Win. 

Showcasing the Year's Best Projects

All submitted projects will be recognized for their contributions to the geospatial profession. These awards provide an opportunity for our members to obtain national recognition and to showcase their projects.

The awards will be presented and the winners will be announce at the MAPPS 2021 Winter Conference.


Any MAPPS Regular Firm or Associate Member Firm in good standing is eligible to enter the awards program.

General Criteria

1. Entries must be submitted in accordance with the rules and requirements on this page.

2. Regular Member Firms may submit for all categories. Associate Member Firms may only submit for Category E.

3. Regular Member Firms may submit only one project for each category. Firms may submit separate project entries for different categories, but the same project cannot be submitted more than once. Each project must be submitted separately in accordance with the rules and requirements on this page.

4. MAPPS shall not be responsible for any damage to or loss of an entrant’s submittal.

5.  Projects entered into the competition may have been executed anywhere in the world and final deliverables must have been accepted by the client between January 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020 . Technology Innovations and Licensed Data Products (Category E) must have been introduced into the marketplace between January 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020.

6. Online submittal materials are due by  November 20, 2020, along with the completed online Awards Entry Form and $250 entry fee. Printed 30"x30" poster must be received by December 4, 2020 (printed poster must match the digital copy received in the online submittal).

7. The judges reserve the right to determine the eligibility and category classification for all entries.


All winners will be highlighted by MAPPS with press releases. Additionally, reprints of materials for MAPPS use and the use of the entry materials at trade shows and conferences throughout the year demonstrates the exemplary work performed by MAPPS members.  This also indirectly benefits all MAPPS members and the profession in general. The Grand Award winner is invited to present their project at a luncheon with Federal agencies at the MAPPS Federal Programs Conference in 2021. The public relations and marketing value for participation in the awards program will be considerable and, where applicable, your client/owner will be highlighted in the process. Further benefits are gained through feature stories presented in firm brochures, newsletters, and other publications.

Award Categories
A. Data Acquisition and Processing
    • Flight Planning/Satellite Tasking
    • Acquisition Constraints Planning
    • Analog or Digital Camera Acquisition
    • Other Sensor Acquisition
    • Aerial Photogrammetry
    • Satellite, Radar, Airborne, Bathymetric, Mobile LiDAR
B. Surveying/Field Data Collection
    • Geodetic Control
    • Ground-based LiDAR
    • Hydrographic Surveys
    • Asset Data Collection
    • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
C. GIS/IT/Remote Sensing Analysis
    • Application Development
    • Geospatial Enterprise Development
    • Satellite/Aerial Image Classification
    • Photointerpretation
    • Change Detection
    • Thematic Mapping

D. Small Projects 
    • Reserved for Small Business for any category
    • Firm must be qualified as a Small Business in accordance with Small Business Administration requirements under NAICS Code 541370 ($15 million gross annual receipts averaged over past three (3) years)
    • Project fee does not exceed $150,000
E. Technology Innovation/Licensed Data Products
    • New Product Introductions in Hardware, Software, Supplies & Equipment
    • New Geospatial Technology or Major Improvement on Existing Geospatial Technology
    • Develop/Implement Licensed Data Products on which the Provider Maintains Ownership and Offers Standard Features from which Client May Choose

Rating Guidelines for Judging


1. Complexity
    →Were there extraordinary project*/product** requirements?

    →Did the entry successfully address very complex technical criteria or unique problems?

    →Did the entry require ingenuity to achieve project*/product** success?

    →Was the project workflow complex with many sub-tasks that made managing the project especially challenging?
2. Original or Innovative Application*/Development** of Technologies or Techniques

    →Were new techniques or technologies used to complete the project* or develop the product**?

    →Were existing techniques or technologies used in innovative ways?

    →Will these innovative techniques or technologies be useful for future projects*/products**?
3. Future Value to the Geospatial Profession and the Public

    →Does the entry advance a positive public image of geospatial excellence?

    →Does the entry provide society with social or economic benefits?

    →Is the public’s health, safety, or welfare improved as a result?

    →Will the entry redefine the marketplace or the public’s way of thinking?

    →Does the entry advance the geospatial profession?
4. Client/Owner Satisfaction

    →Did the project successfully exceed client expectations?

    →Was an economical and cost effective solution proposed?

    →Was the client’s schedule met?
*for entries in Categories A-D **for entries in Categories E
Preparing Your Entry

This section describes all required submission materials for entering the 2020 MAPPS Geospatial Products and Services Excellence Awards competition. All materials must be submitted exactly as designated below. Projects may be disqualified if all submission requirements are not met. 

Click here to view an example of a past submission.

Submission Guidelines
A. Photographic Display Panel
Should include the following on one 30” x 30” square, plotted on high quality paper (or the equivalent), without lamination, framing or mounting ( Hard Copy Due to the MAPPS office by December 4, 2020 ):
    • No more than five photos or graphics shall be used to make up the panel. A background photo or image shall not count toward the photo count. 
    •  The title of the project and location, entrant firm’s name / logo and location, client’s / owner’s name / logo and location (does not apply to Category E entries), and the MAPPS logo.
    • Panel text and photos shall demonstrate the challenges and solutions provided for the project submitted for consideration. No more than 250 words shall be displayed on the panel. All text must be no smaller than 30 point type for descriptions and 26 point type for captions and graphics.
    • A 3-page project description
    • 75 Word Project Summary (one paragraph) 
B. On-line Entry Form
Complete the on-line Awards Entry Form and submit credit card payment of $250 per entry. A copy of the completed form will be emailed to the submitter.
C. Electronic Version
Upload all electronic materials through the "File Uploads" section of the Awards Entry Form ( Due by November 20, 2020) including: 
All graphics used to create the photographic display panel, as well as the final panel, prepared as JPEGs with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. High graphic quality and resolution is extremely important as they may be used by MAPPS to display and publicize firms' submittals. 
Ship photographic displays (30"x30" poster, no framing or mounting) in mailing tubes to:
 2331 Rock Spring Road
Forest Hill, MD 21050


Poster must be received by December 4, 2020  and must match the version of the poster submitted through the Awards Entry Form.