MAPPS Associate Membership

Any firm engaged in the manufacturing and/or supplying of geospatial equipment, services, supplies, hardware or software, that supports but is not engaged in the geospatial profession, any firm not engaged in but with an interest in the geospatial field, and any firm meeting the definition of "engaged in the geospatial profession" whose office(s) is (are) located outside of the United States of America may become an Associate Member by making written application to the MAPPS President accompanied by payment of one year's dues.

Annual Sales Dues Amount
$5 million or less $1,500
More than $5 million $3,400


Click here to become a New Member
(When you apply to become a new member, please type in the "More Information" section of the application what type of membership you would like to have for your firm.)

Associate Partner Program

The MAPPS Board of Directors have received feedback from Associate Members that an annual bundle membership package would be beneficial. Therefore, new in 2019, Associate Members can make a one-time contribution to MAPPS which includes discounted conference registrations, annual dues, and sponsorships. Also included in the Partner Program is a membership contribution to the new Ascent Program which provides support to the continued association management transition, and expenses needed to increase MAPPS visibility at trade-shows and within the geospatial community. A summary of the Ascent Membership Program can be downloaded here.

The Partner Program offers Associate Members an easy and well-defined method of supporting MAPPS. This program offers each category of Associate Member firms the ability to bundle their membership, registrations and sponsorships into one annual payment. A one-page summary of the Associate Partner Program can be downloaded here.