Guidelines for Speakers
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MAPPS continually strives to maintain the high quality of its conference programs. The following guidelines are provided to speakers at MAPPS conferences to assure the most effective presentations, the greatest benefit to both the speakers and the audience, and to enhance the efficiency and quality of MAPPS meetings.

  • Presentations should contribute to the body of knowledge in the geospatial profession.  The objective of sessions at MAPPS meetings is to advance the science, share information on effective and ethical business practices, and assist members in better serving their clients.  The goal of presentations shall be to share knowledge, experience and perspectives for consideration, evaluation, and application by the audience. Presentations should consequently not be overt sales pitches or advertisements.  Speakers should not invite or solicit sales.  It should be up to audience members whether to choose to discuss sales with the speaker on an individual basis during other appropriate social events at the conference or after the conference.  The exposure speakers receive from being in front of the MAPPS membership, and the ability to present before the most influential leaders and experts in the private geospatial community, combined with the publicity MAPPS generates, provides speakers a significant sales and marketing opportunity, thus the content of their presentations should adhere to the standard of professionalism suggested herein.

  • Speakers are urged to be mindful and respectful of the assigned time frame assigned to his or her presentation. Speakers should plan to rehearse their presentations in advance to assure they effectively and efficiently cover the desired material in the time allotted. A timer with the allocated time for each speaker and/or session will be clearly visible on the podium/lectern. The red light indicates expired time. If necessary, the Program Committee Chair may take action to end presentations abruptly to allow for the progress of the program. 
  • It is MAPPS custom to post all presentations on the MAPPS web site for members’ future reference.  Speakers are requested to agree with this policy and make their presentation available to the MAPPS staff for this purpose.  Presentations should be in commonly available, COTS software in order to facilitate its posting on the website and the ease of use by the members. 

  • Presentations shall be provided to the MAPPS staff before the conference or as far in advance of delivery at the conference as possible, via email or on a thumb drive, so it can be loaded on a computer for effective and efficient projection to the audience. Changing an LCD projector to different computers is disruptive and time consuming and should be avoided. Advance submission of presentations to the MAPPS staff will also enable testing and rehearsing of the presentation on the equipment to be used in the session. Ample time should be provided so that any necessary changes in the presentation or equipment can be accomplished.
    • Each slide should be readable from the back of the meeting room. Slides consisting of extensive text should be avoided to the maximum extent possible. In most cases, any single slide should contain 15 or fewer words. Instead, speakers are encouraged to use the "notes" feature in PowerPoint to provide details that are verbally communicated. When the presentations are posted online for future reference, these notes will provide viewers informative content.

  • Speakers shall notify the MAPPS staff of any audio-visual equipment needed for the presentation.  MAPPS will endeavor to accommodate reasonable requests for equipment.

  • Speakers must notify the MAPPS staff at least two weeks in advance for the need of internet use for presentations. MAPPS will endeavor to accommodate reasonable requests for internet access.

  • Speakers should avoid the use of copyrighted materials in presentations, unless prior permission is granted by MAPPS staff or the copyright is assigned to or authorized for use by MAPPS.

  • Any handouts, brochures or other printed material shall be provided to the MAPPS staff in advance.  MAPPS reserves the right to deny the distribution of any material it deems inappropriate. A digital copy of all handouts should also be provided in advance.

  • All presentations shall be in compliance with all applicable laws, including but not limited to anti-trust laws, shall be in good taste and not include any offensive or inappropriate content.

  • MAPPS reserves the right to record (via audio and or visual means) any presentation, as well as rebroadcast or disseminate the recording. MAPPS may also request speakers to agree to be recorded before or after their presentation to provide a synopsis of the presentation.

  • If requested, speakers will provide the MAPPS staff with a digital and/or analog portrait photograph, a brief biographical sketch, and an abstract/synopsis of their presentation.

  • Any news releases, promotional materials or other publicity activities regarding the speakers’ presentation to MAPPS that may be issued by a speaker or his/her firm or organization shall be coordinated with the MAPPS staff.

  • Speakers shall agree to participate in any pre-conference teleconference call or other communication, coordination and organization effort by MAPPS or the session moderator as is reasonably possible.