MAPPS Membership Choice Awards
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Voting is now open for your favorite Excellence Award Entrant!

The 13th annual MAPPS Geospatial Products and Services Awards, to be presented on January 22, 2020 at the MAPPS Winter Conference, will include a new award; the “MAPPS Membership Choice Award”.

The winner of this award will be determined by you, the membership, in accordance with the following scoring:  

  • Each MAPPS Member firm receives a total of one vote.
  • Each individual MAPPS Member will be eligible to vote under their firm.
  • Each individual MAPPS Member’s vote will count as a fraction of the firm’s one vote; the value of each individual Member’s vote will depend on the total number of votes from that firm’s members.

For Example:

Firm A has 4 individual members who vote.
Three of those members vote for Entry 1.
The remaining member votes for Entry 2.
Entry 1 will receive a total of 0.75 points while Entry 2 will receive a total of 0.25 points.

The Entry with the most points will be awarded the “MAPPS Membership Choice Award”.

MAPPS Members make your voice heard and vote today! Scroll down to view all submissions. At the bottom of the page there will be a link to cast your vote.

Deadline for voting is December 22, 2019.


Aerial Services, Inc. - Bending Space and Time

Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc. - Minnesota Statewide Asset Inventory & Assessment

Merrick & Company - A New Angle to Pipeline Modeling and Asset Monitoring

Merrick & Company - Mitigating Economic & Personal Tragedy from Future Floods

Midwest Aerial Photography, LLC - Airport Mapping Viewed in a Whole New Light with Nighttime Image Acquisition

Quantum Spatial, Inc. - D.C. Hydrology Update

Quantum Spatial, Inc. - Oregon and California's Klamath River

RIEGL USA - The Best of Both Worlds: The RIEGL VUX-240

Surdex Coporation - Tornado Mapping Data Delivered Within 24 Hours

Teledyne Optech - G2 Airborne Sensor System

Towill, Inc. - Caltrans Mud Creek Slide Emergency-Response LiDAR Mapping


 WGI - Florida's Turnpike Mainlilne (SR 91) from Florida's Turnpike Extension to Johnson Street

WhiteStar Coporation - WhiteStar Legal Mapper

Woolpert/Optimal Geo - Hurricane Maria: Rapid-Response Lidar Collection