Federal Issues
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Federal Issues

2017 Accomplishments through July

This presentation was published during the Keynote Session of the 2017 Summer Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

MAPPS Government Affairs Issue Status 2016 Year End

MAPPS tracks a multitude of legislative and regulatory issues that affect the geospatial profession generally and private sector firms in particular. Whether it is language in a proposed bill that has potentially serious negative or unintended consequences that could prohibit/inhibit/keep the profession from functioning, or practices that allow the public sector to gain unfair advantage over the private sector, MAPPS advocates on behalf of its member firms in particular and the profession in general by providing valuable information to decision-makers.

Below are links to the issues of high importance to MAPPS.

Congressional Action

For members of Congress and staff:

  • Do you want to sponsor or cosponsor legislation on the MAPPS agenda?
  • Do you have a question, comment or suggestion regarding MAPPS geospatial legislation?
  • Do you want to create or join a Congressional Geospatial Caucus?

Contact MAPPS at (703) 787-6996.

MAPPS Members

If your firm is a member of MAPPS:


  • Become familiar with the issues.
  • Contact your elected officials to respectfully urge action on issues impacting the private geospatial marketplace.
  • Participate in the MAPPS Federal Programs Conference held each March in Washington, DC.
  • Contribute to the MAPPS PAC.

Contact MAPPS at (703) 787-6996.


3D Elevation Program (3DEP)


Aviation Bill Reauthorization

Census (2020)
Climate Change

Davis-Bacon Act

Design-Build and Reverse Auctions

Digital Coast

Farm Bill Reauthorization and Precision Agriculture

Federal Geospatial Governance & Organization
Federal Land Asset Inventory Reform (FLAIR) Act

Federal Prison Industries (FPI) Reform

Flood Insurance (NFIP) Reform

Geospatial Data Act

Healthcare GIS
Higher Education Authorization

Highway Bill Reauthorization
Homeland Security - Geospatial Management Office (GMO)

Hydrographic Services Improvement Amendments (HSIA)

LiDAR Technology

Making America Prosperous (MAP) Act / Imagery for the Nation (IFTN)

Map-It-Once, Use-It-Many-Times (MIO-UIMT) Act

National Geodetic Survey

Parcels for the Nation (Mortgage Crisis)

Pipeline and Underground Infrastructure


Private Sector Utilization - Freedom From Government Competition Act (FFGCA)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)



University and Non-profit Competition

Water Resources and Development Act (WRDA) & WIIN Act

Workforce Development
White House Conference on Small Business