Legislative Affiars
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Legislative Affairs

The job...Business Advocacy - Moving our Industry Forward!

The Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC) collaborates with public and private stakeholders to promote policies that encourage a favorable business environment for the geospatial industry. The LAC is responsible for the development and implementation of strategies to advance MAPPS' legislative initiatives and other interests relating to Federal Agencies and Congress. Magic happens in our Legislative Affairs Committee!

 This committee meets at the conferences to discuss issues and policies important to our business community. The LAC is the primary interface with Federal Agencies and our elected federal officials on the Hill. Additionally, the committee is responsible for reviewing legislation and to identify potential impacts any particular bill or bills may have within the geospatial industry. The Committee will work with our advocacy firm and strategic partners to positively influence these policies to promote business opportunities for our membership.

 Members of the committee are encouraged to meet regularly with legislators to expand relationships, offer professional opinions from industry, share positions on specific legislative items, and to provide a forum for legislators to communicate with industry professionals. Annually the committee and our advocacy firm sponsor a "Hill Day" to advocate key initiatives.


 Specifically, the LAC:

  • Leads MAPPS' legislative support actions
  • Works with MAPPS' member firms to develop advocacy initiatives and supporting documentation
  • Coordinates meetings members of Congress and provides messaging support
  • Assigns Federal agency liasons to coordinate MAPPS' interests
  • The Agency Liaisons keep MAPPS up to date on Federal agency initiatives of interest
  • Articulates MAPPS' position on legislation proposed by Congress
  • Facilitate the appearance of MAPPS' members witnesses at congressional hearings
  • Support interagency coordination and congressional staff coordination of legislative proposals
  • Creates messaging to Congress where appropriate
  • Coordinates with PAC activities