Thank you for your interest in joining MAPPS, the only association of private sector geospatial firms in the United States.  

Membership benefits include: 

  • Network with members and potential project partners. More than 80 percent of member firms report they obtained business from other members due to relationships formed in MAPPS.
  • Learn from peers about trends affecting your business. MAPPS conferences feature members sharing “lesson learned” on relevant business and technical topics.
  • Participate in legislative action impacting our profession. While expanding market opportunity, MAPPS addresses legislative issues affecting the entire geospatial community.
  • Promote the geospatial profession. Join other Owners, Principals and Executives of the leading private sector firms in the geospatial market to become a spokesperson for the profession.
  • Advance qualification-based selection. MAPPS actively educates and promotes QBS with legislators and government agencies.
  • Advocate for fair competition. MAPPS protects your rights as a private firm to engage in free enterprise without unfair competition.
  • Grow the geospatial marketplace. Geospatial leaders within member firms obtain great benefits from specific business and legislative topics that other associations do not address.
  • Honor Technical Excellence. MAPPS recognizes member innovation and success with its annual Geospatial Excellence Awards Program.

Membership in MAPPS is by firm, with the exception of Emeritus Members. To view our current list of all members, click here.

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