The business of MAPPS is the business of maps  Together we can build a better profession

  • Network with members and potential project partners. More than 80 percent of member firms report they obtained business from other members due to relationships formed in MAPPS.
  • Learn from peers about trends affecting your business. MAPPS conferences feature members sharing “lesson learned” on relevant business and technical topics.
  • Participate in legislative action impacting our profession. While expanding market opportunity, MAPPS addresses legislative issues affecting the entire geospatial community.


Liked the MAPPS shirts you saw several people wearing throughout the conference? Shirts are now available for order! MAPPS members can purchase shirts and promotional items with a new embroidered MAPPS patriotic graphic. Click the link below to get your shirt today!

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Newly elected board of directors

New Board President, Mark Brooks states, "Over the past two years, MAPPS has experienced tremendous growth. The goal of the new MAPPS Board of Directors is to build upon the past two years by further engaging our members, other geospatial organizations, Members of Congress, and the geospatial profession as a whole."

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MAPPS Member Brochure

Interested in becoming a member of MAPPS? Check out our updated brochure for member types, dues, and information.

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