MAPPS Code of Ethics

The MAPPS Bylaws, ARTICLE VII, sets forth the Code of Ethics for member firms and employees to follow. The following is the MAPPS Code of Ethics:

Section 1

Code of Ethics

The members of MAPPS shall be responsible for upholding the Code of Ethics set forth in these bylaws and shall be subject to expulsion or suspension for violation of this code, under the terms set forth in Article II, Section 5.

Section 2

The Code of Ethics shall be:
  1. A MAPPS Member Firm agrees to practice its business with high regard to standards of excellence and fairness to its clients and those whom it may employ.
  2. A Member Firm will not engage in garrulous or misleading advertising and will project the services offered in a truthful and dignified manner.
  3. A Member Firm will observe and abide by the laws and regulations governing good business practice.
  4. A Member Firm will not slander, nor will it in any way impair the ethical image of its competitors.
  5. A Member Firm will, to the best of its ability, uphold and increase the technical status of the geospatial profession in an unselfish manner.
  6. A Member Firm will not violate the trust and confidence, reliance and dependence given it by its client, and it will render full value for payments it receives.
  7. A Member Firm will be considerate of and sensitive to the effect its business may have upon the public welfare and safety at all times.
  8. A Member Firm will advise its clients properly and truthfully in all matters of its business and not be affected by desires for unethical personal gain.
  9. As supplemental to its adoption of its ethical code, a MAPPS Member Firm, in accordance with the type of professional geospatial services it provides, agrees to accept and subscribe to the canons and code of ethics that direct Professional Society Members.

Section 3

Amendment of the Code of Ethics:

This Code of Ethics may be revised or amended by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members of the corporation.