MAPPS PAC Beginnings

In 1988, MAPPS created a Political Action Committee (PAC) or MAPPS PAC, in an effort to strengthen MAPPS influence, exposure and clout in Washington, D.C.

The PAC is the legal, ethical and professional way for membership organizations, such as MAPPS to engage in our great political process.

How the MAPPS PAC Works

The MAPPS PAC is a separate, segregated political fund that accepts voluntary, personal contributions from individual firm principals and executives to support candidates for Federal office who support the geospatial community and the free enterprise system.

An individual may contribute up to $5,000 per year to the MAPPS PAC, according to federal election law. Personal, individual contributions of any amount up to the limit are encouraged.

By law, MAPPS cannot use its regular revenues from dues for political purposes. MAPPS must rely on the generous, voluntary, personal contributions of individuals from its member firms. Federal law also prohibits corporate contributions and from those who are not US citizens. That is where the MAPPS PAC fits in.

Contributions to the MAPPS PAC are not deductible as charitable donations on Federal income tax returns.


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